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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Natural Sciences

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Chair:   George Ude
Professors:   William Lawrence (Emeritus), Steve Sheffield, George Ude
Associate Professors:   Alan Anderson, Eric Bonsu,Mikhail Goloubev, Ray Moharerrzadeh, Anne Osano, Deborah Rayfield, Sahlemedhin Sertsu, Lucia Santacruz
Assistant Professors:   Tyesha Burks, Kari Debbink, Florence Etop, Davyn Gillette, Jacqueline Smith, and Ray Supriyo
Lecturers:   Claude Ferrer, Zelyn Richberg
Laboratory Coordinators:   Marquan Lowe, Sreekala Varma



The mission of the Department is to assist the University in meeting its mission and goals by providing a quality education in science and technology, thereby enabling students to achieve their educational goals. Graduates of the Department will be provided opportunities that will assist them in adjusting to future changes and in developing a sense of professionalism in their fields of study.


1. To achieve academic excellence through quality teaching, learning, and research; high-demand innovative academic programs; high-impact student activities; and strategic partnerships
2. To provide a quality education in in each of the degree areas, within the department, such that the students will be prepared to meet the challenges of an increasingly technological society.
3. To provide students an environment that encourages and fosters the attitudes and disciplines essential to professional growth.
4. To improve the academic performance of students through careful advising, monitoring, and tutoring activities.
5. To promote Course-based Undergraduate Research Experience as a vehicle for the infusion of research into our departmental courses and programs for the benefit of all students.
6. To create and foster environments for experimental and theoretical research among the faculty and to involve students in research assignments and projects under faculty supervision and       through external research internships.
7. To prepare students for graduate or professional school or for career assignments in government, industry, or education.
8. To maintain strong linkages with regional private and government institutions in support of the Department’s educational and research activities.
9. To maintain the viability of program s through systematic and continuous evaluation and modification

​Opportunities are given to upperclassmen to take liberal, scientific and technology-related fields; an advisor from his or her major field must approve each student’s elective program.

Required Examinations

All majors in the Department of Natural Sciences must take and pass the Bowie State University English Proficiency Examination after successful completion of ENGL 101 Expository Writing and ENGL 102, Argument and Research. Transfer students who completed their English composition requirements at another institution must take the Bowie State University English Proficiency Examination during their first semester of enrollment at the University. Effective Fall 2017, the English Proficiency Examination will no longer be a graduation requirement for students with the admit term of Fall 2017. As a graduation requirement, all science education majors must take and pass (according to the Maryland Department of Education passing score) both parts (Core Batteries and Specialty) of the PRAXIS Examination.


    Bachelor of Science

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