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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Visual Culture & Museum Studies Minor (VCMS)

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The Prince George’s County, Baltimore/DC metropolitan area is surrounded by countless opportunities related to fine arts, preservation and research in the visual arts. The minor was created to support students who have an interest in careers and research areas related to art history, theory, criticism, as well as pop culture and museum-related studies. The minor will also empower and prepare students for working in the local and national museum, galleries and arts organizations.

Students are also required to assist with ART 498 Senior Thesis & Gallery Seminar and/or ART 491 Internship & Apprenticeship in Art/Visual Communications to assist with art research, preservation, exhibition preparation and removal in both the Amos White IV Gallery of Art & Harambee Gallery in the Department of Fine & Performing Arts, and online galleries via the DFPA or ART/VCDMA website, for a minimum of one semester. Students must successfully pass a minimum of 24 credits hours in art history, studio and/or related courses. Students should speak to an advisor for approved courses.


The Art program in the Department of Fine & Performing Arts, is always working on providing students with access to the latest in technology, equipment, art preparation materials and innovation. Currently, there are four (4) art studios for: painting, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics, design and photography. In addition, there are two (2) darkrooms and one (1) state-of-the-art Apple digital media and VCDMA Art lab. In this lab we offer but are not limited to:


  1. Apple iMacs
  2. Apple Mac Pros
  3. Scanners
  4. Digital still/video cameras


  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Adobe/Macromedia Studio 8
  • ToonBoom Studio
  • Final Cut Studio
  • After Effects
  • Apple iMovie
  • Apple iWork
  • Apple iLife
  • Microsoft Office
  • Arkaos VJ

Students also have access to the latest technology and equipment in digital video production, visual effects, lighting and digital photography, green screen and backdrops. Art students may also have access (with permission from VCDMA faculty and requests from Art faculty) for research, printing, scanning and limited internet access in the VCDMA digital arts lab, usually 6 to 7 days of the week with evening and weekend lab access; as well as DVD’s, materials, books, professional and industry journals dedicated to art/design, visual communication, animation, media studies, etc. both in the lab and also in the undergraduate library. The DFPA provides 18-hour access to studios for design, digital imaging, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, traditional arts & crafts and ceramics. There is also access for students to traditional and digital photography equipment and darkrooms. Students also have access to the BSU X Seed, the university’s (and one of the country’s) fastest supercomputers, for production, storage, rendering, research and collaboration with other departments, schools and universities worldwide.

Library And Research

Students in Art (Studio) has access for research from a variety of sources such as art and design periodicals, journals, resources and more, that cover various software training and tutorials, including subscriptions to Communication Arts, Computer Arts, and other professional art/design, history, theory & criticism; media arts, books, DVDs, films, magazines and online resources.


BOWIEHAUS is a student based art/design and marketing incubator and research project. Its goal is to teach Art & VCDMA students how to design products and/or services; and to provide opportunities for students to gain experience in marketing those products through sound business practices. Art, design and technology are combined with business entrepreneurship to prepare students to become successful before and after graduation.

Networking, Student & Professional Organizations

The Artist Guild

The Artist Guild is a creative arts organization for students studying Art and Visual Communication and Digital Media Arts, but is open to all other students who are interested in promoting the visual arts. One of the guild’s purposes is to raise and maintain a high standard of quality of visual art, design, and visual communication, networking with art and design professionals, and to produce awareness in visual arts on campus, with other institutions and HBCUs, and throughout the community. Membership in the Artist Guild is mandatory for all Art/VCDMA students.

Students are also encouraged to join and participate in regular workshops, meetings, salons, presentations (on and off campus) sponsored by arts/design or media related organizations such as: the American Graphics Arts Association (AIGA), The Art Director’s Club of DC, Black Artists of DC, Animator’s Association (ASIFA), The National Conference of Artists (NCA), College Arts Association (CCA), National Arts Educator’s Association (NAEA); The Association of Independent Video & Filmmakers (AIVF), FocusOnDesign, The Washington Project for the Arts, the International Game Developer’s Association and the National Alliance of Artists from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (NAAHBCU), SIGGRAPH, Cultural Development Corporation, and many more. Many local designers, digital and traditional artists, animators and filmmakers regularly come to the Art/VCDMA program and the DFPA to give participate in career days, exhibitions, guest lectures, conduct workshops and portfolio reviews.

Visual Culture & Museum Studies Minor 25-27 Credits total:

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