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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

College of Education

Dean: Rhonda Jeter 

The programs in the College of Education are accredited by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and approved by the Maryland State Department of Education. The School graduates competent teaching personnel for positions in local educational agencies within the State of Maryland and many other areas. Students majoring in early childhood/special education receive dual certification upon graduation. Students majoring in elementary education complete a comprehensive program of liberal arts studies and a concentration of professional courses in teaching.


The mission of the College of Education at Bowie State University is to prepare instructional leaders of all races who are competent in their content specialty, grounded in the knowledge bases of their discipline, and sensitive to the ethnicity of the students they serve for positions in public and private schools in Maryland and school systems in other states. The School’s teacher education program model rests upon a legacy of the best practices in the field of education and upon what research tells us about teaching and learning. Established in September 2000, the College of Education has adopted the following theme for its academic programs: “Preparing Competent and Caring Educators for a Diverse World.” The School strives through its programs to develop candidates who become academic scholars, skillful instructional leaders, and reflective practitioners in the schools and communities in which they work. It focuses on productivity and accountability of faculty, professional development, and specific development within its three academic departments: the Department of Counseling; the Department of Educational Studies and Leadership; and the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development.

Vision Statement

The College of Education has the primary responsibility for coordinating University efforts designed to prepare individuals to assume positions of teaching, counseling and educational leadership in P-12 school settings. This task is accomplished through the development and delivery of the School’s professional curriculum and competent faculty. The undergraduate and graduate programs are structured to prepare professionals to meet the teaching-learning challenges of contemporary society. Based on a strong liberal arts foundation, the pedagogical curriculum prepares candidates to meet world class standards with the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary to be effective and proficient professionals in a variety of education settings. Candidates master the use of technology as an instructional tool, assess students through the use of multiple approaches, and create positive learning environments for diverse populations.


The overarching goals of the Bowie State University College of Education are to:

  1. Provide a general education experience that includes theoretical and practical knowledge gained from studies in communications, humanities and fine arts, mathematics, science, and social sciences;
  2. Ensure, through a professional studies component, the transmission of knowledge about the social, historical, and philosophical foundations of education; theories of human development and learning; research and experience-based principles of effective practice; and the impact of technology and social changes on schools;
  3. Provide a well-planned sequence of field experiences in diverse settings that enable candidates to relate professional knowledge to the realities of practice in schools and classes;
  4. Offer opportunities for candidates to reflect upon the effectiveness of their teaching, to develop insights and judgments about what they do and why they do what they do, and to make decisions about teaching that will enhance pupil understanding and success;
  5. Ensure, through courses and experiences, the development of critical thinking and values-based decision-making, effective communication, and positive professional collaboration in the educational arena;
  6. Maintain the viability of its programs through systematic and continuous evaluation and modification; and
  7. Maintain linkages with community stakeholders for the mutual benefit of the School and its departments, the University, and the community.

The College of Education at Bowie State University fosters exemplary teaching, supports scholarly research, and endeavors to improve the lives of the citizenry of the state of Maryland. Toward this end, the School offers contemporary, relevant, and service-oriented educational programs that are guided by the standards of excellence set forth by professional associations and accrediting organizations. The School offers a sequence of courses for secondary teaching majors and works collaboratively with the University’s departments of Mathematics, Natural Sciences, English and Modern Languages, and History and Government to prepare secondary teachers. Since becoming a separate professional school within the Bowie State University structure, the College of Education has accomplished major goals in the areas of technology, marketing, retention, high-quality programming at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and professional development school partnerships.

Department of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development

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