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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Financial Regulations and Expenses

Financial Requirements for Registration

All students who register for classes incur a financial obligation to the Bowie State University. Students are responsible for all charges incurred at the University. Failure to attend classes does not constitute withdrawal from the Institution or a class. Students must formally withdraw from the University or a class through the Registrar’s Office. Any adjustment in charges will follow the policy presented in the Schedule of Classes (www.bowiestate.edu).

Returning students will not be permitted to register for a subsequent semester until all financial obligations, including current semester fees, parking violations, library fines, and any other outstanding charges, have been paid. Account balances must be cleared before students will be allowed to participate in future registrations and graduation or to receive transcripts or diplomas.

Cancellation of a student’s registration may occur if the bill is not paid in full or if approved arrangements have not been made to cover the outstanding balance. Bill due dates and class cancellation dates are published on the University Website (www.bowiestate.edu.)

Failure to receive a billing statement does not relieve the student of the payment obligation.

Payment Policy

Acceptable payment methods are cash, check, money order, cashier’s check, certified check, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover Card. Payment may be made at the Student Accounts Office, by credit card on-line through Bulldog Connection, or by check or credit card through the Interactive Voice Response System.

Students who register before the billing date will receive a bill via e-mail and must make payment or approved payment arrangements prior to the bill due date or their enrollment may be canceled.

Students who register after the billing date may review their bill on-line via Bulldog Connection and must pay their bill or make approved payment arrangements prior to the due date of the bill or enrollment may be cancelled.

Students who register for the 2nd 8 week session are expected to make payment or approved payment arrangements at the time of registration.

Approved payment arrangements authorized by Board of Regents policy are:

  1. Students who are approved for a Guaranteed Student Loan.
  2. Third Party Billings (sponsor pays all or part of the students’ charges).
  3. Students who are enrolled in a University approved installment payment program.

    If the sponsor does not pay the University within 60 days of the billing date, the student will then be responsible for full payment of the balance due and will not be permitted to register for a subsequent semester until all financial obligations have been paid. Account balance must be cleared before students will be allowed to participate in future registrations, graduation or to receive transcripts.

    The student is responsible for any portion of tuition and fees not covered by the third party agency.

    The University does not participate in employer reimbursement plans where the student is reimbursed tuition expenses from his/her employer.

  4. Financial aid awarded by the institution that has not been completely processed.

Students who register during late registration will incur a $50.00 late registration fee. During late registration, payment for semester charges is due and payable at the time of registration.

Returned Checks

In the event that a check rendered as payment is returned by the bank unpaid for any reason, the privilege of using a personal check as payment to the University will be immediately revoked. A fee of $30.00 will be assessed for any returned check.

If the University determines that a student’s check is invalid, his/her courses are removed for the PeopleSoft Registration system and he/she must officially withdraw from the University. If the student fails to withdraw, he/she remains liable to the University for all incurred charges.

Errors in Billings

The University retroactively adjusts accounts and bills if accounting errors or charge omissions are identified.

Referral to Collection Agency

The University will make every effort to collect all outstanding balances pursuant to State of Maryland regulations. Delinquent accounts are reviewed and considered for submission to the State Central Collections Unit (SCCU). As an agency of the State of Maryland, the University is required by state law to refer delinquent accounts to the State Central Collections Unit. At the time of referral, a collection charge of 17% is added to the balance of the account, plus any additional attorney and/or court costs. In addition, SCCU is authorized by state law to intercept an individuals state income tax refund or other payment made through the State to apply toward an outstanding debt. The SCCU also reports delinquent accounts to credit bureaus.

Summary of Tuition and Fees

The University charges tuition and a variety of semester and annual fees, including mandatory, laboratory, examination, room and board, and parking. For a complete list fees, see the Schedule of Charges on Bulldog Connection (https://www.bowiestate.edu/bulldogconnection///).

Acceptance Fee

When accepted, a student must pay an acceptance fee, which will be credited to the student’s account and applied to subsequent charges. The acceptance fee is nonrefundable and will be held to the student’s credit for a period of one year. If the student does not enroll at Bowie State University during that year, the acceptance fee will revert to the University.

Activity Fee

An activity fee is assessed annually for full-time undergraduate students. The amount is reduced for part-time students. These funds are used by student organizations for class dues, student publications, dramatics, social events, assembly programs, and other student projects.

Athletic Fee

An athletic fee is assessed annually for full-time undergraduate students. The amount is reduced for part-time students. These funds are used by the Athletic Department to help support the athletic programs of the University.

Cooperative Education Fee

A cooperative education fee is charged per work assignment for each participating student for counseling services, for personal visits from the Coordinator of the Cooperative Education Program while on the job, for mailing all student co-op publications, and for being considered a full-time registered student while working.

Developmental Education Course Fee

A developmental education course fee is charged to all students enrolled in a developmental mathematics, english, or reading course. This fee is assessed for each developmental course.

Diagnostic Assessment Fee

A diagnostic assessment fee is charged to first- and second-year students, including transfer students. This fee will support costs associated with providing assessment tests and related prescriptive support plans for freshman and sophomore students.

English Proficiency Fee

A fee is assessed for the English Proficiency Examination, a graduation requirement which must be satisfied by all students receiving a bachelor’s degree from the University.

Graduation Fee

A graduation fee is assessed undergraduate and graduate as a one-time expenditure to students once they apply for graduation. This fee covers the processing of transcripts and related documents provided to external bodies at the request of the student. This fee offsets the cost of commencement.

ID (BowieCard)

An annual fee is charged to cover the cost of improving and maintaining the system. If a card is lost or stolen, a replacement fee will be charged.

Late Registration Fee

A late registration fee is charged to any student who completes registration during the late registration period as designated in the University Calendar. Complete registration includes the payment of fees at the Student Accounts Office and the depositing of the required forms with the Registrar.

Property Damage Fee

Students will be held liable for willful damage to University property.

Residence Hall Damage Fee

A $50.00 damage fee (breakage deposit) per resident student, payable upon a student’s initial registration, is charged. If damage to or loss of property is caused by the occupants of a specific room, those occupants will be billed for the damage or loss. If responsibility for the damage or loss cannot be determined, the cost of repairs or replacement will be billed to all occupants of the buildings on a pro-rata basis. If a student does not pay the bill for damages assessed against him/her, his/her deposit will be reduced by the amount of the bill. At the end of each year, non-returning students, upon request, will be refunded the unexpanded balance of their damage fees. Returning students will be expected to pay, each semester, an amount sufficient to maintain their deposit at the $50.00 level and also pay any charges for breakage in excess of $50.00, which may have been assessed against them.

Residence Hall Living Costs

Students who live on campus after the first day of classes are required to pay the entire room and board fee. If a student must leave the University because of extenuating circumstances, he/she is required to complete a Housing Contract Cancellation Form for review by the Central Housing Office. If it is approved, the student will be charged for room and prorated for board charges. Approved cancellation requests submitted at the end of the first semester will be charged a severance fee. If the request is denied, charges will be assessed for the entire room and board fee.

Adjustments for board fees are provided for residents who student-teach or are away from campus for more than fifteen (15) days to participate in University-approved activities. To secure the adjustment, a written request for approval must be submitted to the Vice President for Student Affairs. No adjustments or refunds will be provided for meal plans after mid-term or the eighth week of classes, whichever comes first.

Student Teaching Fee

Each student engaged in student teaching as part of the instructional program is charged a fee to pay the supervising teachers at the participating schools.

Sustainability Fee

This is a student supported and is charged to cover the University’s Green Initiative to lower the carbon foot print of the campus.

Technology Fee

The purpose of this fee is to meet the growing technological needs of the students.


Textbooks are required of all students. All required texts may be purchased through the University Bookstore. Each student should have available approximately $600.00 per semester to purchase textbooks.

Student Center Fee

A Student Center Fee is assessed annually for full-time undergraduate students.  The amount is reduced for part-time students.  These funds are used to help maintain the operations of the Student Center.

University Construction Fee

A University construction fee is assessed annually for full-time undergraduate students. The amount is reduced for part-time students. These fees are used to fund the debt service on University auxiliary construction projects.

Vehicle Registration Fee

Parking permits are required of all enrolled students, faculty, staff, and visitors who park motor vehicles on the campus. The parking permits are valid for a full academic year from September 1 through August 31. The permit charges are published in the Schedule of Charges (https://www.bowiestate.edu/bulldogconnection/)

Payment for parking permits is made at the Student Accounts Office in the Henry Administration Building. The receipt for reserved parking permits must be presented to the Office of Campus Safety in the McKeldin Gymnasium. The receipt for all other parking permits may be presented to the Office of Campus Safety in Robinson Hall or the McKeldin Gymnasium.