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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Mathematics

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Chair:   Elena Klimova
Professors:   Olusola Akinyele, Karen Benbury, Mehran Mahdavi, Nelson Petulante, Roman Sznajder
Associate Professors:   Abdusamad Kabir, Chaobin Liu
Assistant Professors:   Elena Klimova
Lecturers:   Claudette Burge



The Department of Mathematics exists to serve the educational needs of all students for whom mathematical knowledge is either a pleasure or a necessity. Through its courses and programs, the Department aims to assist the University in meeting its institutional goals and in enabling students  across all disciplines to fulfill their educational objectives. Courses and programs are designed to equip graduates with a range of contemporary skills and professional attitudes conducive to success in employment or higher study.


  1. To provide a quality education in mathematics such as will enable the students to meet the challenges and to reap the opportunities of an increasingly diverse and technologically oriented society.
  2. To provide for the students a rich learning environment that cultivates and fosters the attitudes and disciplines essential to professional competence and growth.
  3. To optimize the academic performance of students through a combination of traditional teaching, individual mentoring and advisement.
  4. To maintain an environment of active research among the faculty and to involve students in research projects under faculty supervision.
  5. To prepare students for graduate studies in mathematics and for mathematically intensive careers in government, industry or education.
  6. To establish mutually beneficial arrangements with other academic departments, area school systems, colleges, and universities.
  7. To maintain strong linkages with regional private and government institutions in support of the department’s educational and research interests.
  8. To assist the University in achieving its goal of excellence in computer and information technology by providing a full range of service courses for other departments possessing a technological or scientific orientation.
  9. To actively support the University’s historic commitment to the African American community by instituting programs and generating grant proposals that aim to promote minority achievement in the fields of mathematics, science, computer science, technology and education.
  10. To continually monitor and sustain, through a systematic process of assessment and modification, the integrity and contemporary relevance of departmental course offerings and programs.

Required Examinations

Before receiving their BS degree, major in mathematics, all Mathematics Education (MAED) majors must take and pass both parts (Praxis I and II) of the State-approved teacher competency examinations.

Deparmental Policy Statements

  1. Very important advice: students in all disciplines are strongly advised to complete all of their General Education courses in mathematics by the end of their sophomore year, at the latest. Failure to do so could result in delayed graduation.
  2. Any student, including any transfer student without a completed AA or higher college degree, whose program of study requires him or her to take a general education course in mathematics must take the University-approved Mathematics Placement Test. The placement test is required to  determine the appropriate level of placement. Please confer with your academic advisor to make the appropriate arrangements.
  3. All prerequisites for all courses in mathematics must be successfully completed with a grade of “C” or better.

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