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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Behavioral Sciences and Human Services

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Chair:   Charles Adams
Professors:   D. Elliott Parris
Associate Professors:   Charles Adams, Kim Barnett, Matasha Harris, Marsha Jackson, Annie Ruth Leslie, Charla McKinzie,
Assistant Professors:   Nicole Branch-Ellis, Dorothy Fardan, Petrina Shatten, William Welch
Lecturers:   Wendy, Edmonds, Sharon Theodore Lewis


The Department of Behavioral Sciences and Human Services is committed to the University’s Mission Statement, Goals, and Objectives. The Department is dedicated (1) to providing its majors with general competence and skills in the behavioral sciences and human services as well as specific competencies and skills in their chosen areas of concentration and (2) to continuing its strong programs in both behavioral sciences and human services, while aggressively exploring linkages between the two perspectives that will enhance research and service to the metropolitan area, state, and region.


Each of the units has specific goals and objectives. However the general departmental undergraduate goals are the following:

  1. To offer an undergraduate experience in Sociology/Criminal Justice and Child and Adolescent Studies that enables students to acquire skills that enhance their employability in related occupations;
  2. To provide an undergraduate experience that enables students to fully prepare for graduate training;
  3. To provide directions, support, and stimulation to majors; and
  4. To provide relevant service courses/programs to the University community.

Description of the Department

The Department of Behavioral Sciences and Human Sciences is composed of four undergraduate majors:

  • Child and Adolescent Studies
  • Sociology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Technology Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement

Child and Adolescent Studies and the Sociology major offer either a B.A. or B.S. degree. The B.A. degree requires 12 semester hours of a foreign language, while the B.S. does not. The Technology Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Track is limited to transfer students who enter Bowie State University with an associate’s degree (60 semester hours) in a technology curriculum and who therefore need only 60 more of 120 semester hours towards completing a bachelor’s degree. The department also offers minors in Sociology, Criminal Justice and Child and Adolescent Studies.


    Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of ScienceMinor

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