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2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Department of Languages, Literature, and Cultural Studies

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Chair:   David Basena
Professors:   Gerri Bates, Monika Gross, David Kaloustian, Monifa Love
Associate Professors:   David Basena, Mary A. Harris, Horacio Sierra, C. Jenise Williamson
Assistant Professors:   Hoke Glover, Temptaous McCoy
Lecturers:   Angela Burrus, Shelagh Johnson, Tanya McInnis, Christopher Murray, Kala Richardson, Nicole Wilson


The Department of Languages, Literature, and Cultural Studies supports the University’s goals and priorities by creating an environment of academic excellence that will enable our students to develop critical thinking skills and comprehensive knowledge bases. Completing a degree in English at Bowie State University will enable them to become engaged, productive citizens in the academic or professional world. Moreover, the Department is committed to developing curricula, utilizing technology and enhancing library resources to assist students to become proficient in communicating, teaching English and modern languages, researching and analyzing literature and modern languages, and performing successfully on local and national exit examinations.


  1. To facilitate access by offering transitional courses in reading and English.
  2. To use technology, as appropriate, to enhance learning in all disciplines within the Department.
  3. To ensure that the curriculum addresses diversity in its broadest sense.
  4. To enhance the majors’ and minors’ literary and cultural exposure beyond the classroom.
  5. To maintain a creative learning environment by encouraging faculty development.
  6. To offer innovative programs in literature, world languages, and writing.
  7. To produce majors who are fully prepared for the job market and/or to pursue graduate study.
  8. To forge connections between the departmental faculty, other academic departments, and the community.
  9. To seek external funding for curriculum development, pedagogical research, and faculty development.
  10. To assist the University in increasing its retention and graduation rates.

Description of the Department

The Department offers the Bachelor of Arts (BA) with specialization in Creative Writing, Language and Literature and  Africana Literature, and the Bachelor of Science (BS) in Secondary Education. It also offers six minors: Creative Writing, Literature, Literature of the African Diaspora, French, Spanish, and Hispanic Culture. Students seeking teacher certification, via the BS degree, must apply for admission into the Department of Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development

To receive a BA degree or a BS degree in English, the student must successfully complete at least 120 semester hours. Entering students must officially declare English as a major, and students who change their major after having begun matriculation at the University must submit a Declaration of Major/Program Form. All students who declare English as a major will be evaluated (1) after the completion of, Introduction to Literature (ENGL 236), the introductory course to the major, and (2) periodically throughout their matriculation at the University

Students who pursue a major or a minor in English must earn a grade of “C” or above in all English language and literature courses, and all students taking English 100, 101, or 102 and Reading 100 or 101 must earn a “C” or higher. All students who minor in a modern language or who take modern language courses to meet discipline requirements must earn a grade of “C” or higher in each course. All students must take and pass the Bowie State University English Proficiency Examination (EPE). Effective Fall 2017, the English Proficiency Examination will no longer be a graduation requirement for students with the admit term of 2017.

The Department also offers the Master of Arts (MA) in English degree for individuals who (1) have earned the traditional bachelor’s degree in English and allied fields (e.g., language arts, humanities) and wish to supplement that degree with training in literature and rhetorical theories and in humanities computing; (2) now teach on the secondary or collegiate level and wish to investigate literary and rhetorical theories and practices; and (3) wish to pursue doctoral studies upon completion of the master’s degree.

Developmental English and Reading at Bowie State University

Bowie State University measures skill proficiencies in writing and reading by student performance on ACCUPLACER, a College Board placement test administered to all first-time freshmen by the University Testing Center. Placement in, and successful completion of, specific developmental courses (Developmental English and Developmental Reading) is required of all students who do not demonstrate proficiency in writing and reading. These courses are housed in the Department of English and Modern Languages.

Transfer students who have not completed their English 101 requirements prior to enrolling in Bowie State University must also take writing and reading placement tests and are also required to enroll in and successfully complete developmental courses designed to improve their skills for that area.

Students who do not pass Developmental English and Developmental Reading with a grade of A, B, or C will not be permitted to enroll in English 101 or 102.

Credits earned in Developmental courses will not apply toward graduation.


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