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2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Mathematics - Mathematics Education Concentration, BS

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Bachelor of Science - Mathematics

The Department offers a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics with three options: Pure Mathematics, Secondary Mathematics Education, and Applied and Computational Mathematics. The agreement with UMDCP recently has been revised to span six (6) years instead of just five (5) years. Under the DDME program, the student attends Bowie State University for the first three academic years, followed by two (three in the case of UMDCP) additional years at the receiving institution.


  1.  A grade of “C” or better is required in all courses designated as part of the mathematics major, including all courses in Mathematics, the Natural Sciences, English and Computer Science.
  2.   Math/Education (MAED) majors must pass both parts (Praxis I and Praxis II) of the state- approved teacher competency exams to be eligible for the BS degree, major in mathematics.
  3.   In addition to the above requirements, a number of institutional requirements also must be satisfied. For further information, please consult your advisor.

Degree Requirements

Every student majoring in Mathematics must meet three sets of requirements:

I. General Education and Institutional Requirements

The following list of General Education and Institutional requirements applies only to students in the Pure Mathematics, Applied and Computational Mathematics and Mathematics Education tracks. Students in the Dual Degree Mathematics/Engineering Program are subject to a special set of General Education and Institutional requirements as described further below.

All Tracks Except Dual Degree Math/Engineering

See catalog  for the full list of University General Education and Institutional Requirements.

English Composition (6 semester hours)

Total: 6

Arts and Humanities (6 semester hours)

Total: 6

Total: 6

Sciences (8 semester hours)

Total: 8

Mathematics (3 semester hours)

  • MATH ____ Mathematics Elective*  3 Credits
Total: 3

Technology (3 semester hours)

Total: 4

General Education Electives (9 semester hours)

Total: 9

Institutional Requirements (6 semester hours)

Total: 6


* Mathematics Education majors must take MATH 450 - Overview of College Math  as their general education mathematics elective.

According to COMAR policy, the Department of  Mathematics reserves the right to specify suitable, program specific,  general education courses.  Students are strongly advised not to deviate from the specified courses.

II. Core Courses for All Mathematics Majors

(27 to 30 semester hours, depending on track)

In addition to the General Education and Institutional Requirements listed above, every Mathematics major (specializing in any track: Pure Mathematics, Applied and Computational Mathematics, or Mathematics Education program) must complete all of the following core requirements (in Mathematics and English), except where indicated with an asterisk (read carefully):


* Exceptions: MATH 252  is not required for Mathematics Education majors. MATH 320  is not required for Dual Degree Math/Engineering majors. No other exceptions apply.

III. Requirements and Sample Program for Specific Track

Requirements For A Major In Mathematics Education

The Secondary Mathematics Education Program is hosted jointly by the Department of Mathematics and the College of Education. Students in this program are assigned an advisor in the Department of Mathematics and an advisor in the College of Education. To be formally admitted to the education component of the program, the student must submit an application to the Teacher Education Program, usually after completion of a set of appropriate courses in Education taken during the freshman year. The application procedure requires the student to compile a brief portfolio and to undergo an interview with a representative of the Admission and Retention Committee of the College of Education. In addition, the student must take and pass the appropriate sections of the State-approved teacher competency exams (Praxis I and Praxis II). For further information, please consult your advisor in the College of Education. The following course requirements (46 semester hours) are in addition to the requirements described above.

Required Courses in Mathematics (12 semester hours)


Mathematics Education majors must take MATH 450: Overview of College Mathematics as their general education mathematics elective.

Competencies (Mathematics Education Track)

This program is designed specifically to prepare students to teach mathematics at the secondary school level. The curriculum exposes the student to those topics stressed in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards for secondary mathematics and meets the requirements for teacher certification in the State of Maryland. Through their coursework, students fulfill the main requirements for a major in Mathematics, assuring a strong basic knowledge of the subject matter. In addition, their teaching skills are developed through an appropriate sequence of education courses.

Major in Mathematics Education Program Goals

  1. To provide a level of mastery in the field of mathematics sufficient to enable the graduate to teach all mathematics courses at the secondary level (pre-algebra through calculus).
  2. To provide, through example, models of teaching excellence and professionalism appropriate for educators in the field of mathematics.
  3. To provide a foundation for higher studies should the student decide to pursue a graduate degree in mathematics or a related field.
  4. To implement, practice and promulgate the professional and academic standards prescribed by the National Council of Teacher of Mathematics (NCTM) and the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

Sample Program

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year

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